Innovative Bathroom Design Specialists

When you look at your bathroom, do you see a space that can be improved? A vision of what your bathroom could be? Perhaps you have a rough idea of what you are looking for but need some inspiration and expertise to make it happen?

At Home Maintenance Service one of our core services is innovative bathroom design, and we have worked with home owners in Norwich and throughout Norfolk in order to create their perfect bathroom. From en suite facilities and guest bathrooms to large, family sized bathrooms, we can put in place all the right elements to help you get the most from your bathroom and maximise available space.

An integral part of our design process is the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) which allows us to incorporate different elements into a single, unified plan. CAD programs and projections also present our bathroom design specialists with an opportunity to show our clients exactly what their finished bathroom will look like.

Getting a new bathroom is an excellent way to implement genuine and long lasting improvements to your home, not to adding real value to your home. If you need advice or guidance on how to get to get started, Home Maintenance Service is the company to call.

Bathroom Design: What to Consider

From classic and traditional designs to the more modern and minimalist, the almost endless list of possibilities today can make the design of your bathroom a little bewildering at the beginning. We believe that a bespoke solution is best, and our designs incorporate aspects like layout, storage and practicality as well as style and available space in order to create something that you can use every day.

Once you have arrived at a design that you like and feel comfortable with, the next stage of the project is laying the groundwork and then installing fixtures and fittings. Preparation here is key, and it is important to bear in mind what your existing plumbing arrangements are in order to decide whether you can continue to use these or if you need to rearrange things to fit in with the new design. Factors like ventilation and lighting can also weigh heavily on the outcome of your project, which is why we take the time to address these issues as part of the design and installation process.

Our final piece of advice is to remember who the room is for – this is your space, after all, and you should be able to express yourself and your sense of style. At Home Maintenance Service our bathroom designs are the result of extensive consultation with our customers, during which we take in some of their character and personality and make sure that this is reflected in the finished design.

From shower installation to radiators, sinks and taps and even disabled friendly facilities, our design services include everything you need to create your ideal bathroom. Please get in touch for more information.

Home Maintenance Services; Latest Project

Every now and then, Home Maintenance Services comes up against a task that requires some real strategic thinking on our part. This was certainly the case with one of our latest projects, which saw our plumbers and electricians in Norwich looking to find a unique way of carrying out what was required of us.

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Needless to say, the job itself was something of a challenge. The property only was around eight years old, but whoever had designed the layout of the place had clearly not made plumbing a priority, and it did seem like pipe work had been installed as a bit of afterthought here! As it was, most of the internal pipe work was surface mounted, which meant that the team had to take up the floor to hide it all away.

Electricians Norwich Another problem presented itself when we tried initially to install some fittings and found that the walls were stud walls with steel supports. This meant that they were very bouncy to work with, especially when trying to fix large format tiles.Electrician Norwich

Nevertheless, the two solid weeks of graft, elbow grease and hard work paid off when we were able present the customer to their new bathroom, complete with lights, fixtures and fittings. As you can see there is a vast difference between before and after, and ultimately our team was able to look back on a job well done, implementing some real improvements despite the challenges we faced.

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