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Every now and then, Home Maintenance Services comes up against a task that requires some real strategic thinking on our part. This was certainly the case with one of our latest projects, which saw our plumbers and electricians in Norwich looking to find a unique way of carrying out what was required of us.

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Needless to say, the job itself was something of a challenge. The property only was around eight years old, but whoever had designed the layout of the place had clearly not made plumbing a priority, and it did seem like pipe work had been installed as a bit of afterthought here! As it was, most of the internal pipe work was surface mounted, which meant that the team had to take up the floor to hide it all away.

Electricians Norwich Another problem presented itself when we tried initially to install some fittings and found that the walls were stud walls with steel supports. This meant that they were very bouncy to work with, especially when trying to fix large format tiles.Electrician Norwich

Nevertheless, the two solid weeks of graft, elbow grease and hard work paid off when we were able present the customer to their new bathroom, complete with lights, fixtures and fittings. As you can see there is a vast difference between before and after, and ultimately our team was able to look back on a job well done, implementing some real improvements despite the challenges we faced.

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